Way out West

It's been nearly 9 months now since I gave up the day job at The Economist to relocate to the far west of Cornwall. A lot of that time has been spent decompressing from the pressures of my previous life; the 30 years of commuting from Brighton to London, the (non) air conditioned office environment, the inane (and insane) conversations with people who should know better over visual culture (or lack of).

So having made the leap and spent a while gardening (literally) and reconnecting with the joy of printing for myself, I'm starting to fall back in love with designing again, something which I think I'd almost lost for good. I'm now in the process of connecting with creative people in the South West (of which there are many) and looking for smart, energetic, dynamic companies with which to collaborate.

I don't imagine for one minute it will be plain sailing but I'm sure it'll be fun along the way.